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aprile 7, 2017

US Rains Missiles on Syrian Military as Trump Moves Ahead With Plans for WWIII

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No declaration of war, no nothing. Just a ‘sneak attack’

7 April 2017

Every next US president makes you nostalgic for the previous one, but few succeed at that in less than 90 days. Trump certainly has.The US has launched over 60 missiles at Syrian army targets, mainly air bases.

Another war against another sovereign nation without any declaration of war, but hey this is the US. Nobody expects any better.

Trump felt he had to prove he was tougher than Obama but all he has proved is that he’s a better water-boy for al-Qaeda. Obama backed down from bombing Syria in 2013 when he understood the case for Syrian use of chemical weapons was as flimsy as the WMD allegation leveled at Iraq in 2003. Trump had no such compunctions.

These new missile strikes also contradict Trump’s stated intent to stay clear of regime change — so it also makes him a dope.

Now let’s wait for the inevitable neocon-Trump lovefest.








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