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aprile 11, 2017

G7 group rejects calls for new sanctions on Russia over Syria

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11 April 2017

Foreign ministers of the Group of Seven industrialized nations pose for a family picture at the end of their meeting on April 11, 2017 in Lucca, Italy's Tuscany. (AFP photo)
Foreign ministers of the Group of Seven industrialized nations pose for a family picture at the end of their meeting on April 11, 2017 in Lucca, Italy’s Tuscany. (AFP photo)

Foreign ministers in the Group of Seven (G7) industrialized countries have ignored calls by Britain and the United States for imposing sanctions on Russia over the crisis in Syria.

Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said on Wednesday after a G7 meeting in Lucca, Italy, that members were opposed to the idea raised by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to impose new sanctions on Russia over Moscow’s support for the Syrian government.

Alfano said there was “no consensus” among G7 states on the issue, adding that the group’s position was clear – “supporting the existing sanctions” against Russia over its alleged involvement in Ukraine.

“At the moment there is no consensus on new sanctions as an effective instrument … There are clearly different opinions,” Alfano said at the end of the G-7 foreign ministers meeting.

Italy Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano speaks during the closing press conference of the meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) industrialized countries, on April 11, 2017 in Lucca, Tuscany. (AFP photo)

The Italian top diplomat said pushing Russia into a corner “would be wrong,” adding that Moscow should join an international efforts for peace in Syria and that “we must have a dialogue with Russia.”

Putin warns of chemical provocations in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated on Tuesday that an alleged chemical weapons attack carried out in Syria was a provocation by militants to help frame the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Putin warned that similar scenarios were being prepared to heap more pressure on Syria and Russia.

“We have information from various sources that such provocations, I cannot call them otherwise, are being prepared in other regions of Syria, including in the southern outskirts of Damascus, where they are again planning to throw some kind of substance and accuse Syrian official authorities of using it,” Putin said while addressing journalists.

The G7 states, namely Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the US, have hailed a US attack on Friday against a Syrian military air base which came after Washington and allies accused Syria and Russia of carrying out a chemical attack on a town northwest of the country. Moscow and Damascus have denied the allegations and blame the militants supported by the West for the carnage in Khan Sheikhun last Tuesday, which left over 80 killed.

Britain and the US have pressured other G7 members to slap sanctions on Russia over its support for Syria’s government. However, deep divisions still persist as Russia still maintains a great role in the fight against terrorism in Syria. Moscow started its anti-terror operation in Syria in September 2015 at the official request of the Syrian government. The US and allies are also involved in the alleged fight against Daesh Takfiri group despite repeated criticism from Damascus which maintains that the military presence violates its territorial integrity.



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